Sic Bo Strategy Basics

Sic Bo is a game that resembles craps in some facets, though it is played with two dice instead of three and the rules are not as complicated. Beginners who are interested in Sic Bo can often benefit from basic strategies like those listed here.

The House Edge

Like every other casino game out there, the house edge is certainly a factor in Sic Bo. While many games have a very specific house edge that is laid out in black and white, casinos simply change up their payout tables in order to collect money from the players. Even so, certain bets carry a higher winning probability than others due to the fact that certain combinations are easier to achieve. By betting on these combinations, players are more likely to succeed.

Gameplay Basics

The player will be required to roll three dice in a round of Sic Bo and the value will be determined by adding up the sum of the numbers showing on the dice after the roll; this number will always be between three and 18. Small bets are those that predict the dice will show a value of four through 10 while large bets predict that the outcome will be 11 through 17. This leaves only the totals of three and 18--known as Triples--that will pay out 30 to one, but only if the player bets as such.

The Best Bets

When players want to succeed at Sic Bo, they must repeatedly place bets on those combinations with the lowest house edge and the highest probability. These include even bets, such as betting on evens or odds and the small and large bets discussed in greater detail above. There are other bets, as well, including the Specific Triples bet that will pay out 180 to one in some casinos, but the probability of achieving this is so slim that it is best avoided.

Players who want to get the most from Sic Bo need to understand the logic and basic principles behind the game. There is nothing a player can do to influence the outcome of the dice, so he or she must instead wager skillfully and hope for the best.